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Dragon King's Son-In-Law

NovelDragon King’s Son-In-LawDragon King’s Son-In-Law
Chapter 394 violet interest
A groan originated the sky, and Hao Ren recognized it turned out Qin Shaoyang’s speech .
“Crescent Come to!” Su Han withstood straighter and reduced her sword upwards .
The icicles stabbed in the field, piercing several holes which were 15 centimeters profound for the environmentally friendly gra.s.s .
Su Han appeared baffled within the persistence on Hao Ren’s face . Of course, she acquired always kept to themselves, as well as the guy whom she reliable most and sensed the nearest to was her expert, Elder Xingyue . She entered the Dragon G.o.d Shrine just to gain access to more effective cultivation information, which was why she found it difficult to understand Hao Ren’s emotions and thoughts .
“Twenty-thousand Ice-cubes Strike…”
Remaining in the East Seas Dragon Palace gives him safety and comfort, but Hao Ren wished to force himself to some bigger kingdom . In fact, he needed to toughen himself through fights so that he could ensure Zhao Yanzi’s protection!
A complete row of recliners was minimize by 50 percent .
Because Su Han hoped to push Qin Shaoyang away through Hao Ren, Qin Shaoyang might also hit lower back utilizing Hao Ren .
“Aren’t you as well revengeful? I have done only hint your shoulder joint, spoil your slippers, and acquire on the training battle!” Hao Ren yelled in their head .
Jumping high in the air, silhouetted resistant to the moon, Su Han smacked downward with her sword and shot out hundreds of icicles .
It was actually clear that Su Han’s quick assault landed on Qin Shaoyang . He followed them after they flew into the stadium and seen them whilst they used .
“Hey! Hey there! You can’t do this…” Hao Ren immediately heightened his hands and wrists .
A crescent-designed frost beam swept throughout the far away stand .
“Placed two on your own wrists, two onto your ankles, and one around your the neck and throat . ” Su Han took hold of his arm before putting them on him intimately .
Thud! Thud… Bare-footed, Su Han jogged swiftly right before suddenly flying up with her sword in hand .
“Su Han, should you dislike me a whole lot of?” Qin Shaoyang’s issue came from the void .
Nevertheless, Su Han was at Qian-degree one casual strike from her was the planet-trembling . In contrast, Hao Ren was only at Gen-level . If he couldn’t improve his conflict expertise, he wouldn’t be capable of be noticeable from the Dragon G.o.d Shrine .
The icicles stabbed in to the discipline, piercing a lot of holes that had been ten centimeters deep in the natural green gra.s.s .
“Regardless of what, I’d prefer to give it a go,” Hao Ren responded .
“Get free from on this page!” Su Han landed while her sword taken out another sword energy .
“10-thousand An ice pack Strike…”
“I’ll take away the Five Mountains Charms well before your combat exams . Try on some them prior to when the exams, and in addition they could be wonderful aids you to you,” Su Han nodded in satisfaction and mentioned cheerfully .
“Position Tai Charms?” Hao Ren considered her with warning and confusion and stress .
“Position Tai Charms?” Hao Ren considered her with careful attention and frustration .
“Surrender! I surrender!” Hao Ren leaped up abruptly and called to Su Han very quickly .
“You truly such as this poor Gen-amount brat? I’ll see how you can protect him from the Dragon G.o.d Shrine in some time!” The golden light in the skies vanished very quickly .
“Humph!” Last but not least, Su Han withdrew her sword and landed slowly on the industry .
A whole row of recliners was cut in half .
“I couldn’t have attained this without your instructing,” Hao Ren immediately cupped his fingers toward her and fluttered .
“Fifteen-thousand Ice Attack!”
“That you are covered in wounds . Let’s head again, and I’ll placed some medication with them . ” Su Han grabbed Hao Ren’s right-hand, and they also stepped on the White-colored Jade Sword and left behind the broken arena .
It absolutely was obvious that Su Han’s unexpected attack landed on Qin Shaoyang . He adhered to them when they flew into the stadium and looked at them given that they used .
Prior to Hao Ren could heave a sigh of remedy, Su Han’s reduced tone of voice sounded again .
Harry Heathcote of Gangoil
“You actually of this nature weakened Gen-point brat? I’ll see the way to shield him in the Dragon G.o.d Shrine in certain weeks!” The gold lighting in the skies vanished in a flash .
“Your farming strategy is indeed exceptional . ” With a extended experience, Su Han still couldn’t accept her conquer . “Even if you tend to be at small-tier Gen-amount, with your technique, you could possibly even beat top rated-tier Gen-amount cultivators . “
“Don’t flatter me . ” Su Han glanced at him and suddenly shifted .
Keeping in the East Beach Dragon Palace gives him comfort and security, but Hao Ren desired to press himself to some increased realm . After all, he were required to toughen himself through struggles in order that he could be certain Zhao Yanzi’s protection!

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