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Chapter 206 Yuan’s Three Music Notes reason thread
Hearing her answer, Song Ling’er continued to inquire about, “How can you usually practice?”
To her big surprise, as well as everybody there, Tune Ling’er had requested her a query as opposed to giving her verdict.
“Thanks a lot, Senior Tune!” Fei Yuyan bowed to her.
A few just a few seconds later, Elder Jing mentioned, “Even though this is my newbie observing you take part in the zither, I have got no qualms declaring that you’re as accomplished as Ai Wan and Wei Kang immediately after enjoying those three audio remarks by itself. 15 details from me as well, so i am fired up to see what else one has available for all of us afterwards.”
“What sort of nonsense is that? Older Fairy Song is the top zither experienced from the Lessen Heavens! Like another person in this particular place could defeat her in a very a single-on-one particular zither challenge!”
An individual within the audience suddenly shouted inside a amazed tone of voice, dumbfounding those around him.
Track Ling’er’s eye brows twitched uncontrollably just after listening to the crowd’s chat, yet still there is nothing she could say regarding it.
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‘Oh boy…’ Older Zou sighed inwardly, asking yourself what’s going to take place considering that they’ve finally reached this unknown prodigy who could conquer even Track Ling’er in a just one-on-just one fight.
“What an oddball. He’s even only human being donning a mask there.”
“Incredible! She actually gained nine issues from Older person Fairy Piece of music! Would this mean Elderly Fairy Song identifies Fairy Fei’s skills being just like her own disciples?”
A couple of times down the road, anyone during the viewers changed to check out your next partic.i.p.ant— a somewhat thinner body dressed in a black jade mask on his encounter.
“I mastered to relax and play the zither on my own as it was just a hobby at the beginning, Older person Piece of music.”
Hearing her solution, Tune Ling’er carried on to inquire about, “How will you usually apply?”
The judges’ vision increased with great shock if they came to the realization that which was developing.
‘Oh boy…’ Elderly Zou sighed inwardly, wondering what’s going to take place now that they’ve finally achieved this unfamiliar prodigy who could conquer even Tune Ling’er in a a single-on-one battle.
for love of country
“I don’t get unique perform workouts, so i only training by taking part in the zither normally— several hours per week. On the other hand, We have altered things up very recently by training with my associate, who may have contributed a lot to my advancements.” Fei Yuyan explained.
“Whoa! She actually gotten 9 details from Mature Fairy Melody! Performs this suggest Older Fairy Track recognizes Fairy Fei’s abilities to become very much like her very own disciples?”
*Clap* *Clap* *Clap*
elizabeth our generation doll
Listening to her result, Song Ling’er persisted to inquire about, “How do you usually practice?”
The judges’ eye increased with distress when they recognized that which was taking place.
Cultivation Online
“If her mate doesn’t drag her downward, there’s a high probability that her team may become top rated 10— even top three!”
A number of occasions just after Fei Yuyan enjoyed her three popular music notes, Elderly Zou suddenly started clapping his hands and wrists, and he spoke in a very praising voice, “I don’t even know how to begin, Disciple Fei. I had seen your speed and agility in the last compet.i.tion, just in case I had heard your speed and agility just now whilst blindfolded, I would personally have never thought so it was you enjoying the zither.”
To her delight, and also every person there, Tune Ling’er acquired inquired her an issue as an alternative to giving her verdict.
From a second of silence, Song Ling’er spoke, “You… Where do you learn to play the zither?”
Cultivation Online
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“I appreciate you for your praises, Older Zou.” Fei Yuyan withstood up and bowed to him.
Yuan nodded his brain and proceeded to set his hands gently for the string without actually touching the strings.
A number of a few moments later, Elder Jing mentioned, “While this is my new observing you have fun with the zither, I have no qualms claiming that you’re as talented as Ai Wan and Wei Kang right after playing those three songs notes alone. Five details from me likewise, plus i am energized to determine what else you will have in store for people afterwards.”
“I appreciate you for your praises, Senior citizen Zou.” Fei Yuyan endured up and bowed to him.
‘Oh boy…’ Senior Zou sighed inwardly, asking yourself what’s going to take place since they’ve finally attained this unknown prodigy who could overcome even Piece of music Ling’er in a one-on-one particular combat.
At the same time, Ai Wan and Wei Kang turned to think about Fei Yuyan with narrowed eyeballs, thinking if she was the individual Track Ling’er was discussing when she warned them of the ‘exceptional’ wizard that can be from the compet.i.tion.
“T-This is…”
‘This girl… she’s managed to attain a really advanced level of zither disciplines with no appropriate master? And she’s also coming from the Dragon Essence Temple? What makes there so many skilled music artists on the Dragon Substance Temple every time they don’t belong there at all?!?!’ Piece of music Ling’er cried inwardly just after realizing that Fei Yuyan was mostly another master with skills identical if they are not even greater than her present disciples, and her envy into the Dragon Essence Temple increased some other.
“Many thanks, Mature Song!” Fei Yuyan bowed to her.
As soon as the crowd noticed this popular music be aware, their sight immediately widened with delight, as they quite simply could somehow observe the image of a tremendously stunning flower area looking at them.
“What an oddball. He’s including the only man or woman sporting a mask there.”
“His tunes take note was unique that it’d created an illusion for anybody that been told it! This amount of zither skill is simply legendary! And as far as my information should go, simply the Zither G.o.ddess has had been able produce this occurrence prior to, and he’d maintained to accomplish this similar phenomenon only using a regular zither!” Senior citizen Zou unconsciously stood through to the program and stared at Yuan having a gawking search on his encounter.
“What an oddball. He’s including the only particular person wearing a cover up there.”

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